This is a blog about food — who grows it, who has access to it, how we prepare it, and how we honor it and the cultures it embodies.

In his treatise on local economies Deep Economy, Bill McKibben writes, “We’ve got what everyone who ever lived always wanted-plenty.” For most of human history we have lived, struggled and adapted to scarcity. We find ourselves now in a time of great human achievement — a time of plenty. And, we are realizing, more than ever before, the implications associated with this abundance, the environmental and social issues tied to the food that is our nourishment.

Plenty will work to highlight some of the true, mostly hidden, costs associated with our food system, as well as the incredible solutions, innovations, and victories occurring around us everyday in response. We are in the midst of a food revolution, with passionate people the world over finding creative ways to address how we produce, distribute, and value abundance in a time of great uncertainty. We are in the midst of a food revolution — and it deserves shouting about.

Tree PicAbout Me:

I currently make my home in Bloomington, Indiana where I am pursuing knowledge and with any luck a Masters degree — or two. In between work, study, and work, I’ll be cooking, gardening and occasionally posting here on Plenty. 

Stay tuned. Ideas to contribute? Let me know here!

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  1. Kayleigh, love the “preamble” to your site! Neat pix of you and peaceful surroundings. I love you, Sweetie~ Grandma

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